Alert! 8 Online Slot Gambling Sites That Must Be Avoided

Online slot gambling sites are indeed very annoying. This is because these sites can be very inconvenient for using unethical practices to skew the game to its advantage or deny players winnings.

Reporting from online slot gambling, Friday (21/1/2022), over the years, several land and online casino controversies have appeared in the news.
Here are the biggest casino controversies, as well as online casinos and casino groups to avoid:

1. Virtual Casino Group (VCG)
manages about a dozen online casinos that offer huge bonuses accompanied by rules that are reportedly nearly impossible to withdraw. Players and advertising affiliates have described the poor treatment of VCG, with reduced customer support after players tried to withdraw payments.

2. Teller Processing Ltd (TPL)
is a payment processing service that also has a stake in online slot casinos. Several players reported that the company stopped paying out winnings, and its customer support shut down after that.

3. Curgam Malta Ltd Group (CMLG)
operates about a dozen online casinos that players have reported for complaints of slow/no payouts, unanswered customer inquiries, and even unauthorized credit card charges.

4. GoTo Entertainment Casinos
operates dozens of online casinos sharing the same backend and linked accounts. Many players have reported slow and non-existent payouts, shift rules, and poor customer service.

5. Everleaf Gaming
Ltd. and its two directors were arrested for misappropriating nearly $1 million in player funds. The Malta Lottery and Gaming Authority (LGA) eventually revoked their license and closed it in 2013.

6. Casinoval
is a brand operating under the Affiliates Booster program. Players have repeatedly reported that online casinos do not pay out winnings, and instead leave them in a “pending” status.

7. Lucky Group
runs dozens of brands of online casino slots that players complain about non-payments and poor customer service.

8. Merge Gaming
have been accused of covering up reported fraudulent and collusive activity at their poker tables, not to mention extremely slow payouts.