How to play the most complete online soccer betting outright

How to play the most complete online soccer betting outright

In outright online gambling, this is a type of bet that is rarely held and the prize is large. Therefore, if you want to profit from outright, we recommend reading this article about how to play outright for those of you who are still beginners.

The essence of this outright game is that you guess which team or predict which team will come out as champion in the championship. This outright game is usually held at major championships, for example: Europa League, English League, Spanish League, World Cup, and Champions League only.

Let’s understand how to play outright online soccer gambling properly and correctly, because agen judi sbobet you will benefit from this understanding. It turns out that playing outright is not just guessing which team will come out as champion.

But there’s more: top scorer, match MVP, top passer, and more. We discuss below what is available when we play outright.

How To Play Outright And Betting Explanation

We have explained how to play online soccer betting outright a little above, now we can help explain what the bets are in this outright bet.

Top Score
You are asked to guess which player will score the most goals at the end of the competition.

Top Assist
Same as above but this is the player with the most assists and then the goals.

Winning Margin
Guess what the goal difference will be at the end of the competition.

First Goal Method
You are asked to guess whether the first goal was scored for what. For example: Headers, foot kicks, penalties, free kicks and own goals.

Who is the best player in the match?

Exact 1st Half Goals
You are asked to guess the total goals in the first 45 minutes or 1st half.

Result/Total Gol
Place a bet on which team will win and what the total goals are until the match is over.

Both Teams To Score In 1st & 2nd half
Bet on which team will score in the first half and second half.

To Win From Behind
A bet to guess which team concedes a goal first but at the end of the match that team wins.

Of course you ask after learning how to play outright, how much profit will we get if we win in playing outright? OK, let’s explain briefly below.

How to calculate outright bets as follows. For example, you place 100 thousand on team A with odds of 4.7, then (odds x bet – bet). So (4.7 x 100,000 – 100,000) = 470,000.

That’s your win of 470,000. Isn’t that easy enough? If you already understand the game and its advantages, then now we will share with you some tips on playing outright to win.

Tips for Winning in Outright Games

If the above has been discussed about how to play outight, then now we provide some tips that can help you play outright in order to get a winning result.

1. Pay Attention to Team Strategy

If you believe in the team, also try to pay attention to the strategy that will be played. If the team is big with a good strategy, immediately place a bet on that team.

2. Bet Value

After you are sure on point 1 that the team is worth placing a bet, then place a big bet to get a big profit too. This way of playing outright is usually done by big gamblers.

3. Match Season

Note also the season of the match in which the match will take place. There are rainy seasons and summers, of course if the rainy season will be harder to score goals and summer will be easier to score goals.

Thus this article on how to play outright along with all the explanations. We hope that we can help those of you who are just starting out playing this outright gambling. That is all and thank you.