How to Play Slots Online at Mahjong

Mahjong has been around since the 20th century, this game originated in China. But now, we can play this game easily online. Even with the online slot system , the rules of the game remain the same.

The game that has now become a modern game is called mahjong slot game which is one type of slot game. In this game, we really need our skills and strategy as players.

The purpose of the mahjong game is to clear the board and remove the stones that are in it and arranged into 4 sets and one pair each. And this is what is called mahjong.

These are the terms in the game of mahjong such as ngan, kong, sheung, pung. These four sets are called pung, sheung or kong sets.

It is very important for mahjong players to understand the rules of the game because you can get quite a large profit. And here are some things that prospective players should know.

Procedures and Rules for Playing Mahjong Slots Games

Pung is one of 3 identical stones from any set judi slot online. Besides pung there is also sheung which means a row of 3 stones from a set, for example we can hold bamboo 4, 5 and 6.

Another term is kong, which means four identical stones from any set. The term ngan means the so-called stones needed to reach mahjong

In this mahjong slot game, the game uses a total of 136 stones. The stones consist of 36 characters, 36 bamboo, 36 circles, 16 wind stones, and 12 dragon stones.

Groups of 36 stones are each divided into 4 sets from the numbers 1 to 9. In the mahjong slot game there are also dice that are shuffled to determine how the stones are offered.

How to Play Mahjong Online Slot Games:

  • Getting Started With 4 Players
  • Due to the large number of stones in this mahjong slot game, this game is only played by 4 players.
  • Selecting Initial City
  • Before starting the game you must choose a city to set the first stone to start the game correctly.
  • Examining the Rules of the Mahjong Game
  • We have to set the maximum number of points and the hand that represents it. The maximum number of own points or so-called fan points must be taken by the winning hand.
  • Collect shelves for each player that will keep the stone walls in place.
  • In addition, there are also the roles of dealers and players in this game in accordance with the applicable game provisions.
  • The dealer will shuffle 4 wind stones and offer them to the players.
  • The four stones represent different directions and will determine how each player sits. The wind stone itself is in the north, south, west and east. The players have to sit in that direction around the table.
  • The dealer will shuffle your stones from bottom to top and vice versa.
  • Each player will take 34 stones and keep them face down, then in addition the dealer will shuffle the stones.
  • Next, the player must stack stones on a wall that is 17 stones long and 2 stones high.

Profit from Mahjong Slot Games

As we all know, mahjong is a traditional game that originated in China. The game is very easy to play and many players are interested in this game.

This mahjong game is never empty of players. One of the increasing popularity of this mahjong game is because it is available in online slot games.

For these mahjong slot players, they already know what advantages are contained in this Chinese game. Some of the advantages of mahjong slot games provided by trusted and quality online slot gambling agent sites are as follows:

  • Owning and Providing a Good Game Display

We will recognize this first advantage when we open the game. Because it is true because this mahjong slot game is one of the many online slot games that are presented by some of the best and most trusted online slot gambling sites that have an appearance to be easily understood by every reader.

So it is possible that there are people who have never played this one slot game who are interested in trying the game with the best appearance it has.

With the appearance in this mahjong game, it adds an exciting impression to the game. So don’t be surprised if this type of slot game is widely chosen by online slot lovers, especially slot gambling game fans who like online card gambling games or other gambling.

  • Easy to Play

For lovers of mahjong gambling, you may not be confused about how to play and the rules contained in it.

But not for players who are beginners who are new to this game. However, learning this mahjong slot game is quite easy, even novice players will quickly understand learning and understanding this game.

With the ease of this game when run, of course there are advantages in this game. Because basically players and fans of online slot gambling will prefer games that are easy to play, because then in terms of aiming for a lot of profits it will be easier and faster to get.

  • Many are available on Trusted Online Slot Gambling Agent Sites

This game is famous in slot games. So don’t be surprised if the mahjong slot game itself is widely presented and available on some of the best and most trusted online slot gambling agent sites.

For us, Mahjong gambling loyal players, it is very easy to run this game. Moreover, there are many trusted and quality online slot gambling agent sites which of course will always provide and present this mahjong slot game.

One of them, we can play and join a trusted Indonesian slot gambling agent such as BK8 which provides this game with many advantages in it. Not only that site, we can also join other slot gambling agent sites which of course will be easy for us to find just by looking for it on the internet.

How to Play Dragon Power Flame Joker123 Slots

In this Dragon Power Flame Joker123 slot game the topic is about a dragon that emits a large amount of fire. In this article, we will review several steps to play the Dragon Power Flame slot and the number of paylines in this Dragon Power Flame slot game.

Maybe you are familiar with some slot players who often play in joker123 games because this slot game is often played by bettors because this game has 5 reels, 3 lines, and 25 lines which are quite easy to get profits easily and quickly with just a few rounds. .

The Dragon PowerFlame slot game has a Wild feature where this feature can replace any feature except the scatter, the Wild symbol will only be on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels.

If you get Scatter symbols around 3 seeds, on reel 1, second reel and third reel you will move on to the 2nd feature set where here the scatter symbols can be anywhere, from reel 1 to reel five. If there are about 3 scatter symbols you will get 9x free spins, if there are 4 scatter symbols you will get 12x free spins, and if there are 5 scatter symbols you will get 15x free spins.

Of course, in every slot game there are different bonus and jackpot features, the jackpot in this game also varies depending on what symbol you get. Before starting the Dragon PowerFlame situs slot terpercaya game, you must clearly know in advance the price or price of each of the following joker123 slot symbols : (if the bet is 25)

Price and Symbol of Dragon Power Flame Joker123

Gold Tail Money
5 similar images paid 250
4 similar images paid 250
3 similar images paid 50

5 similar images paid 200
4 similar images paid 60
3 similar images paid 20

Golden Lion Statue
5 similar pictures paid 150
4 similar pictures paid 45
3 similar pictures paid 15

Copper Lion Statue
5 similar images paid 125
4 similar images paid 35
3 similar images paid 15

koi fish
5 similar pictures paid 100
4 similar pictures paid 30
3 similar pictures paid 10

5 similar pictures paid 50
4 similar pictures paid 15
3 similar pictures paid 5

5 similar pictures paid 50
4 similar pictures paid 15
3 similar pictures paid 5

5 similar pictures paid 40
4 similar pictures paid 15
3 similar pictures paid 5

5 similar pictures paid 30
4 similar pictures paid 15
3 similar pictures paid 5

5 similar images paid 30
4 similar images paid 15
3 similar images paid 5

For those of you who want to get wins of up to millions of rupiah, you can visit our site and many games other than Joker123. Happy Playing and Happy Victory!

What Are the Benefits of Playing at the Best Slot Gambling Sites?

Indonesian online slot gambling games really need the best and most trusted online slot gambling sites . Giving lots of wins in an online slot gambling game? Of course, only the best online slot sites will easily provide it. So, now you should join the best slot sites because that’s how you can get a lot of things.

Online slot gambling is currently in great demand because it is easy for people to play this one gambling. Online gambling games like this can indeed present many things, not only because you can get benefits, but the entertainment from playing online gambling on this one can also be obtained easily.

Online slot gambling games do depend on many things, but online slot gambling games will be much more interesting when played using online slot gambling game sites. Because there are many advantages and also interesting things that you can feel easily. For this reason, don’t let you not know what the best online slot gambling sites can provide.

Luckily Playing Online Slot Gambling on the Best Sites

Games Are Provided Enough
The games provided by the best online slot gambling site are certainly not just one game daftar slot188, of course, there are more than 10 types of online slot gambling games provided. This is one of the ways the site can make bettors continue to play online slot gambling on their site. The more online slot gambling games provided, the better it will be, right?

Local Banks for Many Transactions Available
In addition to the many online slot gambling games provided, it is certainly much more interesting if the best online slot site provides many local banks for transactions. With so many local banks, it will be easier for bettors to make transactions. For this reason, why you can feel the ease of making transactions on the best online slot sites.

Online slot gambling games are indeed in great demand by those who are indeed looking for a lot of money and also jackpots in this slot gambling game. However, you need a lot of luck and also the best online slot sites to get them all. Because that’s the main reason you play on the best online slot gambling sites in Indonesia.

How to Get the Best Online Slot Gambling Site

To get more benefits when playing online slot gambling, of course, one only has to do is join the best slot gambling site . Online slot gambling games are indeed very influenced by many things, one of the most vital is that this game will be greatly influenced by the site where you play this online gambling game. Therefore, the best site is certainly very necessary.

Online slot sites that can provide many opportunities to win will certainly be sought after by many bettors. Maybe you will feel the same if you want to play this online slot gambling and will certainly find it difficult to find an online slot gambling site that can provide many opportunities to win the many online slot gambling games provided. But of course there is a way.

The way to get the best and most trusted and profitable slot gambling site is actually very easy, for those of you who have never experienced online slot gambling games or other online gambling games, below are several ways so that you can get the best online slot sites that are very easy to do, what are the ways?

The Best Way To Get The Best Online Slot Sites

Join an Online Gambling Group on Social Media
The first way is that you can join an online gambling group on social media joker slot123. Social media will certainly give you lots of instructions, one of which is of course how to get the best online gambling site to play online slot gambling. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to join this group to get the best slot sites.

Doing Your Own Mini Research
When it comes to finding the best online slot sites, the second thing you can do is do your own research. How to? It’s easy, visit various online gambling sites and make sure they have all the characteristics that lead to the best online slot gambling sites in Indonesia. This will be much more useful because you can do it yourself.

Online slot gambling games really need the best online gambling sites, so from that you should join the best gambling sites to be able to get much more profits. Fortunately, you will easily get the best online slot gambling site in the way we have presented in this information.

Online Slot Games As Games of Luck For Gamblers

In playing online slot gambling on the internet, players need to pay attention to the characteristics of the game. The need to pay attention to the characteristics of a gambling game is done to find out the chances of winning when gambling in it. The characteristics of each gambling game are different from one another so players need to pay attention to it.

Slot gambling games are one of the online gambling games that can be played easily and individually. Gambling games are a choice of games that can be played using minimal capital. Slot gambling games are included in games that require luck to be able to win them and reap for them.

How to Increase Luck in Online Slot Gambling Games

To be able to make players have high luck in online slot gambling games, there are several important efforts that gamblers can make. These efforts help players to gamble with high luck. Some of the efforts of gambling players in gambling with high luck are described in the review below.

Playing gambling with the right preparation
The first way that online gambling players must do on the internet to be able to have a high level of luck is to play in good preparation. Online gambling players need to pay close attention to the preparation in gambling. Without good preparation, the online gambling game process will not be able to be carried out by players.

Play gambling games only in the best and most trusted agents
The second way that online gambling players must do to increase the luck of gambling daftar vivoslot players is to play in quality gambling facilities. By playing online gambling with quality advice, players will be able to more easily play online gambling games smoothly. The smooth process of gambling helps players have a better chance of winning.

Often do online gambling game activities
The third way that online gambling players can do to increase their luck is to play gambling often. Players need to often gamble slots to get used to the existing games. By gambling often, players will understand better and be able to play online gambling well for the sake of victory.

The three ways that gambling players can do above are an effort to increase the luck of online gambling players. Gambling slot games does need to be done with high luck. Even though playing online slot gambling requires luck, there are still efforts that players can make to be able to get a win in gambling.

Types of Online Slot Jackpot Bonuses Players Need to Know

In playing online gambling on the internet, gambling players need to choose games where one of them is online slots that can provide more benefits. Playing slot gambling is widely recommended as a game that is suitable for beginners to play on the internet as well as for experienced gamblers. Playing slot gambling provides more benefits for gambling players.

More advantages in online gambling games on the internet can be obtained because slot gambling games are games with easy and individual characteristics. The need for minimal capital in playing gambling is also beneficial for online gambling players. The existence of bonuses in gambling games also provides more advantages for players.

Bonus Options In Online Slot Gambling Games

With regard to bonuses in slot gambling games, players need to understand them well. Understanding the bonuses in slot gambling games allows online gamblers to make better use of them. Here are some bonus options including jackpots found in slot gambling games on the internet.

Progressive jackpot bonuses in slot machines
The first bonus option that online gambling players can get when gambling on slots is the progressive jackpot bonus. The jackpot bonus can be obtained by gambling players according to the rules in online gambling games. The progressive jackpot bonus is a choice of more profit value in gambling slots whose numbers continue to increase along with the number of players gambling dafar jokerwin123.

Regular jackpot bonuses in slot machines
In addition to the progressive jackpot whose value continues to grow, in online gambling games there are also regular jackpot bonuses. The bonus is different from the progressive bonus value because the number will not change even though there are many gambling players playing in it. The value of the regular jackpot bonus can be won by gambling players when the arrangement of images in the slot matches.

Other bonuses in online gambling agents providing slot games
In addition to the two bonus options contained in the slot game, gambling players can find other bonuses in online gambling agents. There are many bonus options that online gambling players can get when gambling with the best and most trusted agents. These bonuses include referrals, new member bonuses, and bonuses in gambling games.

The bonuses mentioned above need to be noticed by players and should be put to good use. Bonuses in online gambling games on the internet will help gambling players get abundant profits. The existence of bonuses in online slot gambling games will help gamblers to be more interested in playing gambling.

Online Slot Game Variants Continue to Grow on the Internet

There are quite a lot of fans of online slot gambling games on the internet today. Many novice gamblers choose this gambling game for certain reasons. Slot gambling games are considered a profitable game for online gambling players. The game is also easy for gamblers to play.

With so many fans of slot gambling games on the internet, making there are many gamblers of the game. The increasing number of players in slot gambling makes there a development of the gambling game. The development of online gambling slot games is certainly positive for online gamblers to gamble better.

Online Slot Gambling Games Will Grow With Various Variants in It

One form of development contained in slot gambling games is the existence of variants of the game. The variants of these online gambling games refer to different types of virtual slot machines. Players can understand and choose the variant of the slot game as described below.

Classic online gambling slot game
The choice of variants of the first gambling game is the classic online gambling slot game daftar joker688. This gambling game is the longest played virtual slot machine by gambling players. The classic online slot gambling game is played using 3 bars of image arrangement. Classic slot games are considered to be the simplest games compared to others.

Multi payline online gambling slot games
Another variant of online gambling slot gambling games that is also interesting for gambling players is the multi payline slot game. This slot gambling game is the type of slot machine with the most chances of winning. This condition occurs because gambling players will not only win with only one line of play, there are many picture arrangements that can be won.

3D online gambling slot game
The choice of other slot variants included in the development of the game is 3D slot games. The 3D slot gambling game has several choices that are more attractive in appearance and theme. 3D slot gambling games are more interesting for gambling players to play with new game rules.

The three choices of slot variants above are a sign that there is a development of slot gambling games on the internet which makes it a profitable game choice. Slot gambling games that are increasingly developing will be able to keep online gambling players interested in gambling. The development of online slot gambling games will continue to take place along with positive reception from gambling players.

Steps to bet on soccer betting sites to win

Steps to bet on soccer betting sites to win

Betting on soccer gambling sites is actually not new, from the very beginning of the appearance of soccer games even soccer betting has been very popular. It’s not legal to enjoy a soccer match without making a bet.
Maybe this is what you often feel as a football enthusiast where every time there is a match in a match, you need to favor one particular football team or club.


It’s also not even proving that it’s done if you don’t join a gambling site and enjoy the match while playing by placing a bet. Moreover, currently there are many ways that can be done to do soccer gambling.
One of them is that you can bet on gambling sites and it is fully done online without having to go to an agent judi online bola or land dealer. This is a gap in itself because it is very easy for the players.


Soccer Gambling Sites Can Be Accessed With Smartphones?


Previously, if you wanted to participate in soccer betting, you needed to find a land dealer so you only bet with a few groups. Or you can also enjoy betting with your friends by guessing which team will win.


It is different from the online version of the game in the modern era as it is today because players can enjoy the game easily without being noticed by other people around them. The trick is to access gambling sites and play using a Smartphone.
Yes, you can access all types of gambling games using an iOS or Android-based smartphone so that it is very practical and flexible. The profession is also very well maintained because no one knows how your gambling activities are on soccer gambling sites.

The Best Soccer Gambling Agent Gives Many Matches

The Best Soccer Gambling Agent Gives Many Matches

The next facility that can be provided by the agent is the selection of matches. Some beginners who have never enjoyed online gambling games usually think that the number of matches is small.

There are many types of agriculture provided by the agent, making it easier for you to choose. Please note that this type of match can also have an effect on winning.

As a member, it is recommended to join the comparison that is already understood. You must first understand the various kinds of information related to the match.

That way it will be easier to make predictions and open up chances of winning. Since situs bola terpercaya there are so many different types of matches on offer so take advantage of some of the big matches.

Why use large comparisons? Because the winnings from big matches are much more numerous. The big advantage is the target of members.

The big comparisons mean big like the World Cup, Euro Cup, Asian Cup, America’s cup, and so on. At the best soccer gambling agents you can get accurate predictions.

Please note that the large comparison also makes it easier for you to find information related to the game. This of course will make it easier for members to win.

There are many things that are profitable when you join the best online soccer gambling site. Various kinds of facilities and the best services will be provided by the soccer gambling agent .

Choose Your Own Capital at an Online Soccer Gambling Agent

Choose Your Own Capital at an Online Soccer Gambling Agent

Furthermore, the facilities provided by the agent are in the form of capital selection as needed. Capital is one of the important things that cannot be avoided from the game.

You can find out how much is the highest and the smallest capital. That way you might be able to have a great opportunity.

As a player you must learn to manage capital well. Therefore this game is only suitable for some people who are of sufficient age.

There are many choices of capital that can be adjusted to the needs of members. For example, if you have not too much capital, then use the smallest option at a soccer gambling agent

Will the profits be not big? Because you use capital in the smallest order, when you win the profits are not too big.

But if you are satisfied because with a high value then the profits will also be high. judi bola It’s just that the chance of loss is not small. So you have to pay attention to this.

As professional players, many members choose to place low value bets. Even if the gain is not much, it can still be a loss. So you can use it as a game strategy.

Many members think that getting small results is not a problem, as long as the chances of winning are high.

So, you can get small profits but many times because you place bets more often on small capital. So, take advantage of the capital selection facility as needed for big profits.

Use the Right Market Type at Soccer Gambling Agents

Use the Right Market Type at Soccer Gambling Agents

The first facility that can be felt by players is being able to choose the type of market according to their wishes.

You certainly know in online soccer gambling games or there are many types of markets to choose from. This type of market is the same as a variety of games that can help players get closer to betting.

To choose the right market, members are advised to read the rules of the game first. After reading the rules of the game and feeling that there are several markets that are easy to do, you can choose.

Well, this is very important for members to use so they can get a lot sbobet online of benefits. Don’t let you get a loss because you choose the wrong market.

Because the soccer gambling agent has provided facilities with various types of markets, it must be used properly. You can choose a market ranging from easy to difficult.

Each has advantages and disadvantages so that it can be adjusted to the ability of members. As a beginner, it is recommended that you use the easiest market.

Easy markets can be like guessing scores, 1×2, and many others. The profit is not too high but it is safe.

In contrast to difficult markets such as mix parlays, these games can actually help you to get big profits. But the risk of losing is also available, so you have to be well prepared.

Full Facilities at the Best Soccer Gambling Agent

Full Facilities at the Best Soccer Gambling Agent

What do members expect from the best soccer betting agents ? One of them is profit. However, there are other things as well such as the best facilities.

Until this moment every new member must join in a good quality place. Make sure to join in an official place so you can open up many opportunities and it’s safe to play.

Maybe not many know, online soccer gambling is one of the games that until now is in great demand. bandar bola Mostly football fans.

Those who always follow the game maximize themselves by placing bets. If you join a good quality site, the chances of winning that players get are absolutely pure without any cheating.

If you want to be superior in the game, it’s a good idea to take advantage of some of the facilities from the agent.

The agent provides facilities to make members comfortable and continue to place bets. The following are the facilities that members can rely on in placing soccer bets.

It’s Safe and Easy to Play at the Best Soccer Agent 2020

It's Safe and Easy to Play at the Best Soccer Agent 2020

The best soccer agent gambling game in Indonesia is like the game of a million people. Everyone from all walks of life play it. Many people flock to watch football together, not just to support their favorite team. They also play soccer gambling so that they can get a profit if they win.


Unfortunately, the concept of a game like this is no longer suitable to be applied. agen judi bola Because the playing time of the Indonesian soccer gambling players makes this game so decreased to be played. Then came the breakthrough of playing soccer gambling online which will certainly be safe and easy.


The process of playing online is definitely safe and easy because it is played online. The existence of remote games without face to face with quality encryption. It will definitely make the game safe and easy. Do you want to try playing this one game?


For those of you who want to try it, make sure you are able to situs judi bola meet the terms and conditions that apply. By fulfilling the terms and conditions that apply, will allow you to play it. For that make sure you read this discussion to the end. So that the best online soccer agent gambling game becomes even clearer.


Terms and Conditions for Playing at the Best Online Soccer Agent


The terms and conditions in order to be able to play are to have a personal account and a willingness to play. You must have a personal account without borrowing someone else’s. Because deposit and withdrawal transactions can be done safely, conveniently and practically. But it is possible that there will be digital money accounts in the future.


You can open an account easily, just bring your identity card plus the first deposit. The first money to situs judi bola resmi create the account is not big. Only 100 to 200 thousand rupiah depending on your bank. But there are also private banks that require you to deposit up to half a million.


It’s Safe and Easy to Play at the Best Soccer Agent


If you already have a personal account, you must want to play at the best soccer agents. This is not only limited to wanting you to register and agree to all applicable regulations. Certain rules apply to each of the best websites. So you have to read and understand it first.


These applicable rules will be provided in a statement prior to your application for registration. So that those of you who register will definitely find the rules of the game that apply. For those of you who register, you must read it even though it will take more time to do it.


Win Easy Best Football Gambling Game

By registering at a trusted soccer dealer you will get an ID to play. judi bola terpercaya With this id you can access all the menus provided. You will be able to access the deposit and withdraw menus to play. Many football betting games over the internet without having to change places to play.


Unfortunately, to be able to get a win will not be done easily. You have to understand the rules of playing soccer gambling games so that all decision making is not overreached. You can learn the rules of this game on a self-taught just by reading the rules of the game available in the play guide.


It’s Safe and Easy to Play at the Best Soccer 2020


Or maybe you can ask for help from professional players who have been playing for a long time. All are free because the most important thing is that you get a guide to play properly and correctly. With this playing guide, you still can’t win for sure if you don’t master the biggest soccer predictions.


Mastering soccer predictions is a matter that is not too difficult and easy. judi bola online You must have the latest updated world football news information. From the latest football news. Making football predictions will be easier because you already know the grid about the matches that will be held.


Of all the games we have played, we make sure the football betting game is the best. Without having to work hard to play, you will be able to win the game. For that always hone your playing skills. So that you can make the best predictions to the maximum in order to beat the best soccer sites.

Nilai hiburan dari permainan slot online

Popularitas permainan slot online di platform seperti Slot258 tidak menunjukkan tanda-tanda mereda. Menurut laporan baru-baru ini oleh LeanBackPlayer, perjudian online mengumpulkan setengah dari semua pendapatan perjudian pada 2019/2020, meningkat 8,1% dari tahun sebelumnya. Menariknya, slot adalah permainan paling populer di kasino online Inggris, menyumbang 69,3% dari semua uang tunai yang dipertaruhkan secara online.

Mengapa slot online begitu populer? Apa yang membuat mereka begitu menghibur? Teruslah membaca untuk mempelajari mengapa permainan slot online mengambil alih industri perjudian online global.

Empat alasan mengapa kami menyukai permainan slot online
#1 Peluangnya
Permainan slot online adalah permainan peluang dengan hasil yang tidak terduga. Aspek ini saja membuat proses perjudian kasino menarik karena para pemain menunggu dengan gelisah untuk mengetahui hasil dari upaya mereka.

Mesin slot memiliki berbagai kemungkinan menang (dikenal sebagai statistik RTP atau Kembali ke Pemain), dan metrik membantu pemain memilih dari berbagai macam permainan untuk peluang menang yang lebih tinggi melawan rumah. Kasino paling terkemuka memiliki RTP minimal 96%, dan peluang menang membuat game ini semakin menghibur.

#2 Variasi tanpa akhir
Banyak kasino online memiliki rangkaian permainan kasino dan slot video berkualitas tinggi yang sangat baik. Mereka tidak perlu khawatir tentang real estat atau biaya tambahan lainnya, hanya menawarkan dunia pilihan online kepada pemain. Apakah Anda lebih suka tetap pada permainan yang Anda tahu atau melompat di antara permainan untuk mencicipi variasi, permainan slot online pasti menawarkan beberapa jam yang menyenangkan dan menarik.

#3 Aspek sosial
Saat bermain game slot online memberi pemain pilihan untuk tinggal di rumah atau bermain saat bepergian, banyak kasino sekarang memasukkan aspek sosial ke platform mereka. Ini mungkin dalam bentuk membuat ruang obrolan, forum diskusi, atau “ruang pertemuan online” lainnya untuk pemain mereka, tetapi itu menambahkan level yang sama sekali baru ke situs seperti Slot258.

Penggemar kasino dapat berinteraksi dengan orang-orang yang berpikiran sama secara online dan mendiskusikan strategi permainan, kemenangan, dan aspek sosial lainnya dari permainan.

#4 Sensasi kemenangan
Salah satu aspek yang paling menarik dari kasino online adalah sensasi kemenangan. Ketika seseorang mendapatkan jackpot, itu memacu pemain lain dengan harapan bahwa itu bisa menjadi mereka suatu hari nanti. Pada awal tahun 2021, seorang pemain slot yang beruntung mencetak jackpot progresif terbesar di dunia dengan total lebih dari $23 juta, jadi itu mungkin.

Banyak permainan kasino menawarkan kombinasi risiko dan hadiah. Saat bermain mesin slot, ada peluang nyata untuk mendapatkan yang besar, yang hanya menambah faktor hiburan bermain slot online.

Untuk cinta permainan
Penggemar kasino membuktikan kesenangan, sensasi, dan kepuasan bermain game slot online. Namun, penting untuk bermain dalam jumlah sedang untuk menghindari menjadi mangsa pilihan perjudian yang buruk atau kecanduan game. Setelah Anda memahami prinsip mengetahui kapan harus berhenti, permainan slot online adalah beberapa hiburan yang paling memuaskan dan berpotensi menguntungkan, terutama pada platform terkemuka seperti Slot258.

What Are Candlesticks ?

Technical analysis is an analysis of past price movements to predict future price movements. With technical analysis, we can know when is the right time to buy and sell (eg stocks).

To better understand this analysis, my Finansialku friends can read articles about technical analysis.

In analyzing price movements, there are 3 types of charts that you can use, namely  line charts, bar charts, candlestick charts .

Compared to other types of charts,  candlesticks are  more commonly used and have the advantage of being able to show the movement of the highest, lowest, open and close of a stock in a certain period. 

Price movements are formed from the existence of a power struggle mechanism between sales and purchases. If the number of sales is greater than the number of purchases, the price will fall.

Conversely, if the number of sales is less than the number of purchases, the price will increase. The power struggle mechanism between selling and buying is what will be reflected in the  candlestick . 

In units of time,  candlesticks  can be formed in minutes, hours, daily, monthly, and yearly. And from each of these time scales, the shape of a  candlestick  can be different.

Just like using binoculars, you can analyze  candlesticks  from a large time scale to a small time scale to get a more detailed picture of a situation. 

The history of  candlesticks  can be read here:

History of  Candlestick Charts  and Munehisa Honma

Before you understand about candlestick patterns  , it’s a good idea to know how to read a  candlestick first .

How to Read  Candlesticks ?

Let’s dissect the components of a  candlestick  through the following image:

Candlestick Components 

The candlestick components   consist of:

Body  (Body)

The candlestick body   shows the range of the opening price and closing price of a trade that is formed over a unit of time (minutes, hours, daily, monthly, or yearly). 

If the closing price is higher than the opening price, the  candlestick  will be green (the stock price went up because the buy > bid). 

On the other hand, if the closing price is lower than the opening price, then the  candlestick  will be red (the stock price fell because selling > buying).

The longer the body of the  candlestick , the more intense the pressure to buy and sell shares. 

The shorter the body of the  candlestick , the less movement (opening and closing prices are close together) and represents a consolidation of stock prices .

Tail  (Wick/Shadow)

The tail of the  candlestick  shows the lowest point and the highest point of price movement during a unit of time (minutes, hours, daily, monthly, or yearly). 

If the tail extends downwards, it means that during that period of time sales dominated and the price moved down, but the buying back went up so that it reversed direction. 

If the tail extends upwards, it means that during that period of time buying dominated and the price moved up, but the buying went back down so that it reversed direction.

The longer the tail of the  candlestick , the more intense the buying or selling force dominates over a period of time, so that the price during robot trade far exceeds the opening price and closing price. 

The shorter the tail of the  candlestick , the selling or buying traded does not fluctuate too much from the opening price or closing price.

Types of Candlestick Patterns 

Thomas Bulkowski in his book entitled  Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts , there are 105 types of candlestick patterns  .

Of the 105 candlestick patterns  , it was found that there were only 7 candlestick patterns   that had success between 50% to 67%, the rest had success rates below 50%.

Although candlestick patterns   can provide  price trend signals  quickly, you need to be careful in choosing  candlesticks  as a trading reference  .

There are so many candlestick patterns   , it often makes  it difficult for traders  to memorize and analyze the candlestick patterns   that appear. 

In addition, candlestick pattern analysis   cannot run alone. You also need to learn about other technical analysis techniques besides candlestick patterns  .

Ideally,   this candlestick is combined with trend analysis,  support  &  resistance , and other indicators to confirm the signal. 

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Candlestick patterns   can be formed from one, two, or three  candlesticks . In general, a candlestick pattern   will show:

  • Trend reversal or trend change ( reversal pattern ). 
  • Continuation trend ( continuation pattern ). 

For example: the price trend was up ( bullish ), then turned down ( bearish ).

For example: The trend continues to increase/decrease from the  previous candlestick  . 

Basic Candlestick Patterns   (1  candlestick )

You don’t need to memorize 150 candlestick patterns  . If you want to be proficient in candlestick pattern analysis  , then here is the basic 1 candlestick pattern   that you should know. 

‘ Marubozu’ 

Want to Trade_ These Candlestick Patterns You Should Know!  'Marubozu'

‘ Marubozu’  in Japanese means “dominant”. The ‘Marubozu’ candlestick  type   does not have a tail and a  full body . 

‘Marubozu’ pattern   with green color indicates an  uptrend  ( bullish ). This means that the opening price is the same as the lowest price, and the closing price is the same as the highest price.

This condition shows that buyers fully dominate the price movement from opening to closing. Usually, this indicates an  uptrend  ( bullish ) or a change in  trend  ( reversal ). 

Meanwhile  , the red ‘Marubozu’ pattern  indicates a  downtrend  ( bearish ). This means that the opening price is the same as the highest price, and the closing price is the same as the lowest price.

This condition shows that the sellers fully dominate the price movement from the opening to the close. Usually, this indicates a  downtrend  ( bearish ) or a change in  trend  ( reversal ). 

‘Spinning Tops’

Want to Trade_ These Candlestick Patterns You Should Know!  'Spinning Tops'

The ‘ ‘ Spinning Tops ‘ ‘ pattern is an  s candlestick with a long tail on both sides. The color of the  body candle  can be green or red, and the tail can be long or short. 

The ‘Spinning Tops’ pattern   indicates an almost balanced strength between  bullish  and  bearish  (in a floating state). 

If the candlestick pattern   shows  ‘Spinning Tops’  in an  uptrend  ( bullish ), then you need to be careful.

This condition can mean the  trend is  starting to weaken so that there may be a trend change   or a pause, and vice versa. 


The  ‘Doji’  pattern is a pattern where the opening price is the same as the closing price, so there is no  body candle  (only a line). That is, there is a balanced fight between sellers and buyers.

If the ‘Doji’ pattern   appears after the  rally of  the candlestick pattern   with a long body, then you need to be careful because it means the trend is starting to weaken. 

But when a ‘Doji’ pattern appears  , don’t be in a hurry to buy/sell either.

You can confirm a  reversal  by waiting for the  next candlestick to form  , namely a   green candlestick ( bullish reversal ) or a   red candlestick ( bearish reversal ).

Here are the various ‘Doji’ patterns   that can appear:

Want to Trade_ These Candlestick Patterns You Should Know!  'Doji'

‘Hammer’  & Hangin’ Man

The ‘Hammer’  and  ‘Hanging Man’ patterns   are similar, but can give different signals, depending on the  trend  of price movements that occurred before this candlestick pattern   appeared. 

Want to Trade_ These Candlestick Patterns You Should Know!  'Hammer' & Hangin Man

The ‘ Hammer ‘ pattern  that appears when the trend is down, gives a signal of a bullish reversal pattern . The ‘Hammer’ pattern is   a sign that the price has touched its bottom and will soon move up. 

The long tail indicates that the sellers are still trying to push the price further down, but the buyers have managed to show strength and close above the opening price. 

On the other hand, the ‘ Hanging Man’ pattern  that appears when the  trend is  up, signals a bearish reversal pattern .

The ‘Hanging Man’  pattern is  a sign that the price has touched the top and will soon go down. 

The long tail indicates that the sellers are trying to take over to push the price down, but the buyers can still show strength even if the closing price cannot exceed the opening price. 

Even though the ‘Hammer’  and  ‘Hanging Man’ patterns appear  , don’t be in a hurry to make a buy/sell decision. You can confirm from the formation of the   next candlestick (eg  ‘Marubozu’ ) or use other indicators.  

‘Inverted Hammer’ & ‘Shooting Star’

Similar to the patterns ‘ ‘ Hammer ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ Hanging Man ‘ ‘, but the ‘Inverted Hammer’ ‘ and ‘ ‘Shooting Star’ ‘ candlestick  patterns  show different signals, depending on the trend of price movement that occurred before this candlestick pattern   appeared. 

The ‘Shooting Star’ pattern   appears when an uptrend occurs   . While the ‘ Inverted  ‘Hammer’ ‘ pattern appears when the trend is down. 

The ‘ ‘Shooting Star’ ‘ pattern means that sellers are starting to try to take over the market, but buyers can still show strength even if the price ends up closing below the opening price. The  upward trend has shown signs of weakening.

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The ‘ Inverted  Hammer’ ‘ pattern means that buyers are starting to show strength to take over the market, but sellers can still show strength even though in the end the price closed higher above the opening price.

The  downward trend has shown signs of weakening. 

Want to Trade These Candlestick Patterns You Should Know!  'Inverted Hammer' 'Shooting Star'


How about after learning the basics for candlestick patterns  ? Hopefully this article can be useful for you beginner traders in stocks,  cryptocurrencies ,  forex , etc… 

From understanding the 1 candlestick pattern  , you will find it easier to understand if you meet 2 or 3 candlestick patterns  . 

Of course,  this candlestick pattern analysis  cannot be the only determinant in buying/selling decisions. You should also learn other technical analysis.

And most importantly you have to keep practicing and practicing to hone your flying hours in  trading . 

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