The Most Complete and Popular Online Game Collection PC Version

The Most Complete and Popular Online Game Collection PC Version

Collecting games is a natural thing for a game player, both online and offline. It’s just that currently online games are more attractive to players because they seem more exciting and can be developed. Even though you have to spend a lot of money to buy online games, it is not a problem for game lovers. Even to get popular PC online games, there are now sites that provide free of charge. There is nothing wrong with the games below being included in the list of the most complete online game collections.

It is undeniable that DOTA 2 is the best and most popular online game among game lovers. This game bandar judi sbobet is the best-selling game in Indonesia, even the world with a very high rating. Believe it or not, this war game has been played by more than eight million players. Interesting features offered by DOTA 2 include prizes, challenging games, better graphics, and much more.

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress2 is one of the best online games currently in the F2P genre. This game is made in a game that is not only challenging, but also features a funny game with a smart game style. Players will not be bored when playing this game because of the graphic side that displays cartoons. The combination of character choices makes players want to keep playing until they win. Likewise with the map design, giving a distinct impression for players.

APB Reloaded
Previously, APB Reloaded was less surprising. However, after the new version was launched, this game comes with a fresher and more attractive appearance. Players have the task of taking money, looking for work to killing to get money. Even one time also faced with fights with other gangster groups. The configuration of each character is very fun and so attractive.

Planetside 2
This game is perfect for players who like future themes. In this game, players control military vehicles with elements that are often found in similar games, such as lasers and warships. Players also greatly benefit from being able to play this game on a computer at no additional cost.

This cool game has received positive comments from players. This online game with the MMO genre deserves thumbs up not only because of the concept, but also because it can be downloaded for free. The pattern of the combat system in this game is not repeated as is always the case in games of the same genre. Various magic concepts that make you curious, are offered in this game. To play it also does not require a subscription and account tiers.

Path of Exile
Players are quite pleased with the presence of Path of Exile which can be downloaded for free. Many players think this game should fall into the paid game category. This statement is not just an opinion considering Path of Exile is one of the best games for the RPG genre. Players will play using stored items with limited slots just like other RPG games. It’s just that what is different is that players can increase their slots by taking advantage of existing opportunities. The character that the player chooses can range from magician class to hand-to-hand combat. There are six classes in total.


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