The Most Complete Collection of Smartphone Online Games That You Can Relax

The Most Complete Collection of Smartphone Online Games That You Can Relax

The development of the internet affects the development of the game world. With the internet, many games can be played online. Even what was originally a Nintendo game or Offline PC, is now being developed so that it can be played on a smartphone. There are several collections of the most complete online games that can be downloaded on smartphones and played while relaxing.

Minion Rush
Everyone must be familiar with the minion figure who played an important role in the Despcable Me movie. This Gameloft game is of the Endless Run genre. Players will act with minions who run as far as possible to avoid all kinds of obstacles. The aim of the minion escape is to get as much score as possible and go to the next level. The appearance of this game is made interesting by the existence of events, such as Halloween and Valentine.

Ice Age Adventures
Ice Age Adventures is a game created by Gameloft. This game is played online on a smartphone. Taking the story maxbet from the film Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, this game can be enjoyed. In accordance with the film which tells about Manny and his friends separated due to the broken ice land. At the beginning of this game players will be faced with a mission to rescue animals that have been separated due to the breaking of ice. Manny, Sid, and Diego play the main characters who are tasked with saving animals.

Sonic Dash
This Sonic Dash game is the flagship game released by Sega. Just like Minion Rush, this game takes the theme of Endless Run. This game is fun to play. Sonic characters in this game are required to try their best to run as far as possible in order to get the highest score. This game never loses the characteristics of Sonic, such as the setting of the place, and the rings that must be collected even though they are Endless Run themed. Enemies that face can be overcome by swiping the screen down. There are several interesting features that make players even more addicted.

Gintama Kabukicho Daikatsugeki
Inspired by the anime movie Gintama, this online game is quite interesting to install on a smartphone and play it while relaxing. This game from Bandai Namco Pictures adheres to the RPG genre. Even so, this game does not make you bored and bored. Each level, takes the plot from the Gintama arc. This makes anime fans nostalgic with Gintama’s exciting battle. Coupled with the appearance of the Gintama anime character, making the game even more fun to play. The higher the level achieved, the higher the level of difficulty. This game that can only be played online is still suitable as a friend while enjoying a relaxing day.

Farm Ville 2: Country Escape
Farm Ville 2: Country Escape is shaped almost the same as Harvest Moon. This online game made by Zynga is very suitable to be played in your spare time and relieves tension after work. For those who have never played this game at the beginning of its appearance on Facebook in 2009, there is a tutorial that is quite helpful. The tutorial will direct the player. This game invites players to act like farmers and ranchers. Starting from planting crops, fishing, gardening and raising animals. In the end the player will earn money by selling and completing orders. In this game sometimes offers online events with prizes of interesting items.

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Those are some unique games that can be installed and played on smartphones during leisure time. Just download the game by clicking here . If you want to relax with the most complete collection of online games, some of the games above can be a solution.